Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Photos

A few random screenshots of PP adventures. PP members have reached level 10, halfway to TR baby, and have been busy. To the left is the PP swimming in the crypt of the Shadow Gaurd.
PP was retained by House D to travel the Blood Road and found some terrifying things swimming in the sewer. You be the judge of what this is.

This one is simply called "Whyskey in a Tree"

While flagging for VON PP took a rest in the big-ass chair.

Another in the series of artistic impressions this one is titles, "Magic Beans, Cornbread and Rainbows"

Viva la Pants....


Monday, March 28, 2011

You be the judge....

My wife says I look like my toon. You be the judge, personally, I don't see it, LOL.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sentinals of Stormreach

Hello from the Searing Heights... Wish you were here. Pants Party (PP) has been busy, touring the beautiful searing heights and making friends with its' lovely denizens. Pictured to the right is our friendly neighborhood healer, Narakutore, and his pet scorpion, with Whyskey, Absynth and Veggimatic taking in the view, looking good ladies.

To the right is a shot of Rhyiot hamming it up for the camera in front of the apptly named Splinter Skull Fortress. PP made short work of its' occuPANTs and received some nice rewards from a rival hobgoblin cheiften.

PP was called upon by House Denneith for a serious matter concerning pirates. Pictured left is Narakutore getting the plan from a Denneith captain.

After travelling to the pirate stronghold, PP shattered a powerful crystal allowing for House D sailers to storm the citadel. Huzzah pants party!!!

After foiling the Pirates' plans PP sabotaged the Crimson Moon pirate ship. In typical PP fashion we took a quick picture to commemorate the event. Absynth sure can jump.

I think the Evil Pirate captain sums it all up in this shot.

Finally, just for my own sense of style, a picture of the beloved Bumpun Uglies silhouted against the full moon. What power and grace, what beauty. Excuse me while I wipe a small tear from my cheek. Words can not justify this masterwork, enjoy, breath in that which is Bumpen in Flight.
As always click on any image for a larger view.
Good Hunting... Empathio

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Pants' Party (PP) has been busy. The PP has achieved level 9 and participated in its' first raid the Chronoscope. To the left is the dastardly Professor Tremus, about to be taught a harsh lesson by the PP and fellow adventurers. However, Tremus has a few tricks up his sleeve and before you can say, "Shollacktar", Tremus summoned up his demon allies.

The demons performed a strange ritual known as the Vultron dance, I believe an early 80s' disco favorite by Sister Sledge, but I digress. The elemental demons formed together and posed a formidable foe for the PP. How will this end?

The boss demon ended just like every other boss the PP has encountered, face down in a puddle of death. Don't forget to click on the images for a larger picture.

Finally, in true PP fashion a posed photo-op of the gang celebrating as Tremus gets his come-upance. After a quick tour of Three Barrel Cove the PP has learned of an Ogre that needs their help on Sorrowdusk Isle.
Until next time, Viva la Pantaloons
One final note the PP has been in service of the Sovereign host and thwarting the plans of the Black Abbott himself. Although not powerful enough to face the Abbott as yet, PP did manage to stop his plans in the Necropolis concerning the Bloody Crypt.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hosue P and Corrections

It was mentioned that Rhyit was an ex-pirate, when in fact he is not. His past remains somewhat of a mystery, but all shall be revealed in time. To the left is Pants' Party member and all-around hottie Veggimatic. This pint-sized dual dwarven ax-weilding shortie deals death in style mmmm-hmmm. PP took a tour of the Phiarlan Carnival last week and needless to say kicked carnibutt, is carnibutt hyphenated?

In true PP fashion, it wouldn't be fair to kill a boss without having your portrait taken first. From left to right, Bumpun, Veggimatic, Ianbass (who's contract is about to run out), Absynth (first class theif and fashionista), Whyskey and Rhyit "I'm not a pirate, although my hat says differently".

PP Would like to thank House Phiarlan for hiring us to investigate the mysterious cabal.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brand New Pants or Art Imitates Life

The tale of the pants party started out well, but alas they were eaten by ghouls on their very first quest. So begins the tale of Pants Party II. A more dedicated lot of adventurers the world has er' known. New pants party members include Bumpun Uglies the Barbarian, Whyskey the newly reincarnated Sorceress, Rhyit a former pirate turned adventurer and sticky fingers Ianbass the rogue. This portrait shows the triumphant adventurers who ever so recently foiled the Sinister Cabal's plot to assassinate House Phiarlan's Viceroy. Veggiematic was not documented in this portrait but tales of the dual-weilding dwarf have already been heard among the free agents' criers.

Art imitates life. Have you ever been on vacation, taken a beautiful picture of your friends only to find out that some jackass stepped into the frame, I present to you art imitating life as an ashen haired warrior steps into our posed picture and then stayed there, probably buying some drinks. This made me laugh a great deal.

Good Hunting,

Empathio the Warchanter