Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Ebboron Tourist Brochure: Levels 8-14

Welcome back to the tour. Remember to click on the images to enlarge them and make them printable.

Next up on the tour is an educational visit to the Mines of Threnal. Join some friends for a party with exquisit views on top of the Tempest Spine.

Afraid of Heights don't worry there is plenty for you from the hot, sultry nights in The Red Fens, if you get to hot there is a pool provided complete with Scuba Gear.

Or perhaps head to the Restless Isles for an unforgettable Safari. Or maybe you like to be pampered head to Ataraxia at the end of the week for some out of this world relaxation.

The next leg of our tour takes us to the Pyramids of the Sands of Menachtum (ancient spelling). Say hello to the Wizard King and don't forget feeding the Rakasha is against the law. If your really lucky you might be able to find yourself a Bloodstone during your exploration.

Leaving our hostess Queen Lalliat we head back to the Necropolis for a Religious festival and then off to see the City Palace in Lord's March, where you can get the latest Snake Hair style in our new Salon.

Finally, it's off to Gianthold where even the stoutest of our patrons will feel thin and fit. See outstanding crystal sculptures and don't forget to check out all those armorers.

Leaving the hospitality of our hostest Lalliat. We take a weekend get-away to the Orchard of the Macabre. The wine made from the olives of this area taste of death with just a hint of decay and a evil finish, delicious. Speaking of Evil don't forget to get your copy of the Ebboron Chronicle back in the Harbor and take the kids for a day to reporter camp.

What tour of Ebboron

The Ebboron Tourist Brochure: Levels 5-9

Welcome back. Remember to click on the images to make them larger and printable. Our tour takes us from the House Phiarlan Carnival to the Beautiful and quiet Necropolis. Spend hours doing etchings of fabulous tombstones.

Or if your looking for sandy beaches take a day cruise over to Three Barrell Cove where snorkling in losts ships is a must.

From Three Barrell Cove take a midnight cruise over to the Sorrowdusk Isles were the natives will great you with a warm fire and pleanty to talk about. The Isles are also the home of ancient ruins, photos that will last a lifetime.

The EbboronTourist Brochure: Levels 1-4

To the left is the first in a series of tour guides for new players or a list of quests by level in an orderly fashion. A Tourist Guide by level of the different houses and areas of DDO. Pants Party has found this guide useful in moving from area to area and level to level to keep us doing new quests constantly and keeping us on track for favor. Comments are appreciated.

Click on the images for a larger printable version. Our tour starts on the lovely small island of Korthos known for it's tropical beaches and cool jungle mountains.

Leaving Korthos we travel to the City of Stormreach and what fun you'll have exploring the city's sites and sewers.

While in Stormreach don't forget to visit the awe-inspiring Catacombs and relax in our comforting Steam Tunnels located just off the Stormreach Marketplace. Looking for some wildlife venture out to Tangleroot Gorge and have a pint at the One-eared Bugbear Tavern.

Shop in a few of our posh upscale neighborhoods, House D, and House K offer fabulous vacation gifts and finally catch the amazing Carnival in House P.

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