Friday, April 1, 2011

Threnal and Sorrowdusk

As PP approaches the Threnal Mines and Sorrowdusk Isles conclusion here is a link to the end rewards and a few put here for notice. Please take a couple of minute to look at the end rewards and determine if there is something your toon must have or desperately wants. Threnal South Guard of the Shogun +3 Splint, +5 Intimidate, +3 Diplomacy Jeweled Hammer +3 Command, Impact Kundarak Trooper's Shield +2 Tower Heroism-3/rest Cult of the Six Quicksilver Cape 20% Striding (Bumpen) Shrunken Head - Trinket Resist 3 Additionally, if there is any favor you wish to farm or items you want to farm for let us know. viva la pants

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