Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Ebboron Tourist Brochure: Levels 8-14

Welcome back to the tour. Remember to click on the images to enlarge them and make them printable.

Next up on the tour is an educational visit to the Mines of Threnal. Join some friends for a party with exquisit views on top of the Tempest Spine.

Afraid of Heights don't worry there is plenty for you from the hot, sultry nights in The Red Fens, if you get to hot there is a pool provided complete with Scuba Gear.

Or perhaps head to the Restless Isles for an unforgettable Safari. Or maybe you like to be pampered head to Ataraxia at the end of the week for some out of this world relaxation.

The next leg of our tour takes us to the Pyramids of the Sands of Menachtum (ancient spelling). Say hello to the Wizard King and don't forget feeding the Rakasha is against the law. If your really lucky you might be able to find yourself a Bloodstone during your exploration.

Leaving our hostess Queen Lalliat we head back to the Necropolis for a Religious festival and then off to see the City Palace in Lord's March, where you can get the latest Snake Hair style in our new Salon.

Finally, it's off to Gianthold where even the stoutest of our patrons will feel thin and fit. See outstanding crystal sculptures and don't forget to check out all those armorers.

Leaving the hospitality of our hostest Lalliat. We take a weekend get-away to the Orchard of the Macabre. The wine made from the olives of this area taste of death with just a hint of decay and a evil finish, delicious. Speaking of Evil don't forget to get your copy of the Ebboron Chronicle back in the Harbor and take the kids for a day to reporter camp.

What tour of Ebboron

The Ebboron Tourist Brochure: Levels 5-9

Welcome back. Remember to click on the images to make them larger and printable. Our tour takes us from the House Phiarlan Carnival to the Beautiful and quiet Necropolis. Spend hours doing etchings of fabulous tombstones.

Or if your looking for sandy beaches take a day cruise over to Three Barrell Cove where snorkling in losts ships is a must.

From Three Barrell Cove take a midnight cruise over to the Sorrowdusk Isles were the natives will great you with a warm fire and pleanty to talk about. The Isles are also the home of ancient ruins, photos that will last a lifetime.

The EbboronTourist Brochure: Levels 1-4

To the left is the first in a series of tour guides for new players or a list of quests by level in an orderly fashion. A Tourist Guide by level of the different houses and areas of DDO. Pants Party has found this guide useful in moving from area to area and level to level to keep us doing new quests constantly and keeping us on track for favor. Comments are appreciated.

Click on the images for a larger printable version. Our tour starts on the lovely small island of Korthos known for it's tropical beaches and cool jungle mountains.

Leaving Korthos we travel to the City of Stormreach and what fun you'll have exploring the city's sites and sewers.

While in Stormreach don't forget to visit the awe-inspiring Catacombs and relax in our comforting Steam Tunnels located just off the Stormreach Marketplace. Looking for some wildlife venture out to Tangleroot Gorge and have a pint at the One-eared Bugbear Tavern.

Shop in a few of our posh upscale neighborhoods, House D, and House K offer fabulous vacation gifts and finally catch the amazing Carnival in House P.

Continued in next post...


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Tale Of Naraku

As a young drow living in the caverns of Undercity Naraku discovered he had many talents especially in the arts of summoning and healing. He abandoned loth in favor of vulkoor and set out to the surface where he became a wondering sage. He travelled all over stormreach, it was on a chance encounter he encountered a wounded and dying half-orc. He said he was named Bumpun and was traveling with a group known as the pants party. He said they had no healer so they went to search for one. Naraku healed him and and started to head back to town when Bumpun asked if he would like to join them, to which naraku promptly agreed after a strict negotiation upon a price for his skills (for he was homeless and living day to day on what he scrounged up). He now works for free with the pants party knowing he will be well gaurded and fed for many months to come.

As told to Miguel The Bard

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Backstory of Rhyit (if you want to know)

Rhyit Schild
Born and raised in a remote village far to the north. From a young age, he was trained in the ways of the blade by the town's Captain of the Guard, his father. Shortly after his sixth birthday the town fell under the wrath of an upstart Pirate. As retribution for defying him, he killed all of the Town's Guard, and kidnapped many of the townspeople, Rhyit included. Told they would serve aboard the vessel, or be served as chow, Rhyit did as he had been taught, taking a weapon from one of his captors and cutting the luckless Hobgoblin down, he wreaked havoc until sheer numbers overwhelmed him. Upon realizing Rhyit's skill with the sword, (and losing the ship's cook in the process) the Captain charged Rhyit with the safety of those he had been captured with. For fifteen years Ryhit served as one of the elite troopers aboard the ship, sneaking those he protected off every chance he got, doing his best to lessen the casualties on the ships they attacked. On the eve of his sixteenth year aboard, he had finally gotten the last surviving member away safely, and was planning his escape when they were set upon by the Bombom Raider and the 'dreadful' pirate captain Yaaryar. Rhyit managed to extricate himself in the ensuing chaos, only taking his sword, his clothes, and the bandana he stole from the Captain. Having made his way to Stormreach, Rhyit has joined up with a group of adventurers calling themselves the Pants Party. And this my friends is where the past becomes the present...
Information 'acquired' by Checked Baggage.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Pants' Party (PP) recently ran the Tempest Spine raid with a wonderful bunch of people. To the left is the entire raid looking for ham, we were all quite hungry after this. It is now Bumpen's goal to organize Ham Day and see how many toons we can get to look for ham at the same time. PP recently completed the Library of Threnal and got our Mantle of the World Shaper, huzzah. Veggi was unable to attend due to computer issues so I am sure we will be visiting again for more loot. Loot, Huzzah. It would not be a PP outing if not for some posed photo ops. To the left is PP in front of the menacing gate of the Temple of the Six, Narakutore is about to put a Vulkoor curse/blessing depending upon your belief system upon the door. Stand back, poof, see next picture. Boom a blessing of Vulkoor upon the Temple of the Six what a slight to the priests of said temple. PP would like to thank all the good people who run raids with us and don't suck. viva la pants.....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Threnal and Sorrowdusk

As PP approaches the Threnal Mines and Sorrowdusk Isles conclusion here is a link to the end rewards and a few put here for notice. Please take a couple of minute to look at the end rewards and determine if there is something your toon must have or desperately wants. Threnal South Guard of the Shogun +3 Splint, +5 Intimidate, +3 Diplomacy Jeweled Hammer +3 Command, Impact Kundarak Trooper's Shield +2 Tower Heroism-3/rest Cult of the Six Quicksilver Cape 20% Striding (Bumpen) Shrunken Head - Trinket Resist 3 Additionally, if there is any favor you wish to farm or items you want to farm for let us know. viva la pants