Thursday, May 19, 2011

Backstory of Rhyit (if you want to know)

Rhyit Schild
Born and raised in a remote village far to the north. From a young age, he was trained in the ways of the blade by the town's Captain of the Guard, his father. Shortly after his sixth birthday the town fell under the wrath of an upstart Pirate. As retribution for defying him, he killed all of the Town's Guard, and kidnapped many of the townspeople, Rhyit included. Told they would serve aboard the vessel, or be served as chow, Rhyit did as he had been taught, taking a weapon from one of his captors and cutting the luckless Hobgoblin down, he wreaked havoc until sheer numbers overwhelmed him. Upon realizing Rhyit's skill with the sword, (and losing the ship's cook in the process) the Captain charged Rhyit with the safety of those he had been captured with. For fifteen years Ryhit served as one of the elite troopers aboard the ship, sneaking those he protected off every chance he got, doing his best to lessen the casualties on the ships they attacked. On the eve of his sixteenth year aboard, he had finally gotten the last surviving member away safely, and was planning his escape when they were set upon by the Bombom Raider and the 'dreadful' pirate captain Yaaryar. Rhyit managed to extricate himself in the ensuing chaos, only taking his sword, his clothes, and the bandana he stole from the Captain. Having made his way to Stormreach, Rhyit has joined up with a group of adventurers calling themselves the Pants Party. And this my friends is where the past becomes the present...
Information 'acquired' by Checked Baggage.

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  1. Nice narrative and background. Only question I have is, is he wanted by anyone for his piracy? EMP