Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Tale Of Naraku

As a young drow living in the caverns of Undercity Naraku discovered he had many talents especially in the arts of summoning and healing. He abandoned loth in favor of vulkoor and set out to the surface where he became a wondering sage. He travelled all over stormreach, it was on a chance encounter he encountered a wounded and dying half-orc. He said he was named Bumpun and was traveling with a group known as the pants party. He said they had no healer so they went to search for one. Naraku healed him and and started to head back to town when Bumpun asked if he would like to join them, to which naraku promptly agreed after a strict negotiation upon a price for his skills (for he was homeless and living day to day on what he scrounged up). He now works for free with the pants party knowing he will be well gaurded and fed for many months to come.

As told to Miguel The Bard

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  1. Lucky for Bumpun Naraku had skillz. Wounded and dying in the gutter, poor Bumpun shouldn't pick fights with Trolls.