Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brand New Pants or Art Imitates Life

The tale of the pants party started out well, but alas they were eaten by ghouls on their very first quest. So begins the tale of Pants Party II. A more dedicated lot of adventurers the world has er' known. New pants party members include Bumpun Uglies the Barbarian, Whyskey the newly reincarnated Sorceress, Rhyit a former pirate turned adventurer and sticky fingers Ianbass the rogue. This portrait shows the triumphant adventurers who ever so recently foiled the Sinister Cabal's plot to assassinate House Phiarlan's Viceroy. Veggiematic was not documented in this portrait but tales of the dual-weilding dwarf have already been heard among the free agents' criers.

Art imitates life. Have you ever been on vacation, taken a beautiful picture of your friends only to find out that some jackass stepped into the frame, I present to you art imitating life as an ashen haired warrior steps into our posed picture and then stayed there, probably buying some drinks. This made me laugh a great deal.

Good Hunting,

Empathio the Warchanter


  1. yes that was a laugh i heard my failed apprentice threw lewd comments his way alas he was not trained with manners also LOSE THE HAT

  2. What's this about me bein' a pirate?