Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hosue P and Corrections

It was mentioned that Rhyit was an ex-pirate, when in fact he is not. His past remains somewhat of a mystery, but all shall be revealed in time. To the left is Pants' Party member and all-around hottie Veggimatic. This pint-sized dual dwarven ax-weilding shortie deals death in style mmmm-hmmm. PP took a tour of the Phiarlan Carnival last week and needless to say kicked carnibutt, is carnibutt hyphenated?

In true PP fashion, it wouldn't be fair to kill a boss without having your portrait taken first. From left to right, Bumpun, Veggimatic, Ianbass (who's contract is about to run out), Absynth (first class theif and fashionista), Whyskey and Rhyit "I'm not a pirate, although my hat says differently".

PP Would like to thank House Phiarlan for hiring us to investigate the mysterious cabal.

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  1. he is a total pirate dont let him kid hisself