Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sentinals of Stormreach

Hello from the Searing Heights... Wish you were here. Pants Party (PP) has been busy, touring the beautiful searing heights and making friends with its' lovely denizens. Pictured to the right is our friendly neighborhood healer, Narakutore, and his pet scorpion, with Whyskey, Absynth and Veggimatic taking in the view, looking good ladies.

To the right is a shot of Rhyiot hamming it up for the camera in front of the apptly named Splinter Skull Fortress. PP made short work of its' occuPANTs and received some nice rewards from a rival hobgoblin cheiften.

PP was called upon by House Denneith for a serious matter concerning pirates. Pictured left is Narakutore getting the plan from a Denneith captain.

After travelling to the pirate stronghold, PP shattered a powerful crystal allowing for House D sailers to storm the citadel. Huzzah pants party!!!

After foiling the Pirates' plans PP sabotaged the Crimson Moon pirate ship. In typical PP fashion we took a quick picture to commemorate the event. Absynth sure can jump.

I think the Evil Pirate captain sums it all up in this shot.

Finally, just for my own sense of style, a picture of the beloved Bumpun Uglies silhouted against the full moon. What power and grace, what beauty. Excuse me while I wipe a small tear from my cheek. Words can not justify this masterwork, enjoy, breath in that which is Bumpen in Flight.
As always click on any image for a larger view.
Good Hunting... Empathio

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