Saturday, March 19, 2011


Pants' Party (PP) has been busy. The PP has achieved level 9 and participated in its' first raid the Chronoscope. To the left is the dastardly Professor Tremus, about to be taught a harsh lesson by the PP and fellow adventurers. However, Tremus has a few tricks up his sleeve and before you can say, "Shollacktar", Tremus summoned up his demon allies.

The demons performed a strange ritual known as the Vultron dance, I believe an early 80s' disco favorite by Sister Sledge, but I digress. The elemental demons formed together and posed a formidable foe for the PP. How will this end?

The boss demon ended just like every other boss the PP has encountered, face down in a puddle of death. Don't forget to click on the images for a larger picture.

Finally, in true PP fashion a posed photo-op of the gang celebrating as Tremus gets his come-upance. After a quick tour of Three Barrel Cove the PP has learned of an Ogre that needs their help on Sorrowdusk Isle.
Until next time, Viva la Pantaloons
One final note the PP has been in service of the Sovereign host and thwarting the plans of the Black Abbott himself. Although not powerful enough to face the Abbott as yet, PP did manage to stop his plans in the Necropolis concerning the Bloody Crypt.

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